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An on-demand, online learning of the powerful 5 Steps to Real Leadership. Go-at-your-own-pace leadership training for emerging talent, available from the comfort of their corner offices.

Imagine a world where your leaders and employees are excited about their work; excited about their roles; excited about their performance; and excited to grow with your company–not away from it.

Here’s the truth: More and more high-performing, high-potential talent and emerging leaders are struggling to stay engaged in their roles.

Millennials and Gen Z are taking over the workplace and these next generations of leaders are ambitious and hungry.

They’re also finding themselves completely unprepared for the leadership roles they’re growing (or being thrust) into. (Not-so-fun fact: 60% of Millennial leaders in the private sector report they feel unprepared to lead.)

They want to do better and they want their companies to do better.

Instead, they’re finding themselves consistently derailed and deflated due to lack of proper training.

They’re mostly left to fend for themselves. They’re told to just keep it moving and–perhaps worse– “fake it til they make it.”

And while they might show up to the office most days with a positive attitude, they also show up with high expectations for themselves & others that are crushed very quickly.

Day-after-day, these smart talented professionals are hit with increasingly difficult situations and people they don’t know how to–or were never taught how to–deal with.

And you know what happens when your best and brightest don’t feel empowered in their roles?

Over time, they lose faith in themselves, in their team & in their company’s culture as a whole...

...and they skip out.

Millennials and even the next Gen Z’ers get a bad rap as job hoppers–but the truth is they’re not leaving for no reason!

They’re leaving because they want to do better. And they assume (rightfully so) that “better” is probably happening–or at least being taught–somewhere else.

The point? Companies that aren’t embracing, developing & nurturing their leaders are losing out big time.

It’s estimated that employee turnover costs the U.S. economy $3.5 billion big ones each year.

The good news? There is a solution.

Give this next generation of leaders the tools they need to lead in today’s workplace.

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Introducing… Real Leadership ONLINE

Real Leadership ONLINE is a go-at-your-own pace digital program designed specifically for high-performing talent & emerging leaders to help them gain the confidence, focus & know-how necessary to address the day-to-day challenges of modern-day leadership–from small issues like office squabbles to big ones like creating inclusive workplaces.

During Real Leadership Online, leaders will learn how to:

Discover their own unique approach to leadership–the one that’ll help them create the biggest impact

Gain a solid understanding of their leadership goals and communication style.

Learn methods and strategies for gaining buy-in and increasing their credibility.

Develop communication skills to more effective leader, coach, and mentor (read: minimize conflict, make everyone feel heard, valued and empowered)

Use evaluation processes to set goals, craft strategic plans, and make a lasting impact on their teams and organization

Lead across difference, improving their understanding of diversity and how to create inclusive and safe workplaces.

Afterwards, they’ll be fully equipped to:

Manage small & large teams and more easily get everyone on the same page

Communicate in ways that build a more productive team, including conflict resolution and self-reflection skills

Handle day-to-day hurdles in their role with ease & tact

Authentically create trust and transparency among their team 

Run a smart, inclusive, diversity-and-culturally competent organization

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What next generation leaders are saying...

Nick Williams

Nick Williams

Vice President of Software

Devvio Inc.

I highly recommend Real Leadership as a way to take your leadership capabilities to the next level.  It gave me new tools and insights to improve my communication and leadership ability.  I found ways to help my teams crystallize a shared vision to pursue, which made it very easy for them to take on more responsibility and self-organize.



Andrea Lima

Project Coordinator

Government Services Canada

I’m thrilled that Tamara has set up her business in a way that allows me to still connect and learn from her. Having a straight-forward, novel approach to training made Tamara’s Webinars engaging, thought-provoking, and effective. Her passion for her work is infectious, making her an inviting, respectful mentor. Even though we live a thousand miles apart, I am still able to conveniently attend any trainings that suit my needs and interests.



Oana Amaria

Global Leadership Consultant

Firefly, Inc.

Tamara’s innovative approach to building awareness around generational differences through current technology sets her aside from the rest. As a millennial, it’s refreshing to see a Gen X-er take innovative approaches—such as live stream online—to make her content relatable, fresh, and accessible. I’ve had the great pleasure of participating in a few of her sessions, both in person and online and she doesn’t let any of her participants walk away empty handed.


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About Tamara Thorpe

Hi, I’m Tamara Thorpe, leadership expert & creator of the Real Leadership methodology, which has transformed organizations around the globe from the inside out. (Not to mention the professional lives of hundreds of individual emerging leaders worldwide. Just saying.)

In short: I work with the next generation of leaders–think: millennials and now Gen Z– who are eager to advance personally and professionally, but struggle with handling the day-to-day demands of being a leader.

After spending the last 30+ years working in-the-trenches as a mentor & leader (leading international and multicultural teams) & diving deep into topics like identity development, diversity & inclusion and intergenerational issues, I believe it’s safe to say that when you provide training that makes it possible for people to perform at their best, they’ll give you their best.

(I’ve seen it. Firsthand. Over and over again.)

That’s why in 2016, I took all that in-the-trenches experience & years of in-depth study & used it all to create a one-of-a-kind online course just for young talent. Real Leadership Online dives deep into everything I’ve learned and witnessed during 30+ years in leadership and leadership development. But unlike Real Leadership Live which is held once-a-year in NM, RLO is an affordable digital solution that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

Look, I know Millennials are busy. I know humans are busy. That’s why this high-quality, on-demand program gives emerging leaders the game-changing opportunity to learn at their own pace and fit this transformative training into their life in a way that works for them.

Because that’s the world we live in today. And if anybody out there knows how to adapt to changing landscapes, it’s me. (And the Millennials and Gen Z’ers I work with, of course.)

Tamara Thorpe

Praise from Real Leadership Participants

“Having an experienced coach like Tamara was invaluable in helping us become the leaders we want to be.” Megan Pauly, Marketing Consultant, TLC Plumbing

“Tamara has just amazing and inspiring energy! She is compassionate about her work and truly enjoys helping others develop their leadership skills. She will teach you how to align your character and creativity with your career so you can soar! Listen to what she's saying so you can be an effective fruitful leader!"

Touree Robinson, Sales Consultant, Jubilee Homes

Here’s what’s inside Real Leadership Online:

  • The signature 5-step Real Leadership process for creating their own leadership identity
  • The 3 C’s to Identifying Your Leadership Approach

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The next generation of leaders are already here.

They want to learn, grow and succeed.

All they need from us are the hard-won, road-tested tools, strategies & skills to do just that.

Enter, Real Leadership Online. Because when you take a people-first approach to leadership development, everybody wins.

Ready to invest in your high-potential people? Here’s how it works:

Investment $500 per person
  • Step One: Create your Real Leadership members login
  • Step Two: Invest and you get immediate and unlimited access after purchase for 90 days.
  • Step Three: Engage in the Exclusive Real Leadership Facebook group where you can

Real Leadership Online also includes:

It begins by defining a Personal Leadership Challenge, designed to help leaders define their own learning goals so they can apply and practice everything they’ve learned in the “real world” for real results.

6 Recorded training sessions with Tamara sharing the tips, tools, and processes you need for effective leadership

12 Downloads that include Reflective exercises, practical tools, team building exercises, facilitation tips, checklists, and cheat sheets that will help you become the most fantastic leader you can be

As to Frequently Asked Qs:

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