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A 2-day workshop designed to help high-performing, high-potential talent & emerging leaders effectively deal with the challenges of leadership today & create culturally smart, inclusive workplaces for tomorrow.

Here are just some of the companies that have invested and sent their talent to Real Leadership Live:

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Fact: The “workplace” as we know it has changed.

Let’s be honest: The world as we know it has changed.

And while that’s far from breaking news, the truth is the world–and workplace– is going to continue to change and evolve and become increasingly more nuanced.

Another fact: According to a recent Gallup report, 38% of the US workforce is powered by Millenials–and is expected to grow to 75% by 2025.

(This isn’t even counting the coming-of-age Gen Zers!)

Yep, Millennials are already the largest generation in the workforce. Talk about a major change from where we were a few years ago, right?

And yet, organizations across the board are struggling to recruit, retain, and engage their emerging talent (not to mention their diverse talent).

What gives?

The truth is Millennials and their successors are growing up–and they actually don’t live up to the “lazy, selfish kid” label they were saddled with when they came-of-age.

Turns out, today’s young professionals are incredibly smart, ambitious & hungry for knowledge.

They’re ready and eager to learn, to grow and to create. 

But these next generation leaders care about different things than leaders past. It’s not about cash, accolades or clout for them.

Instead, they’re looking for ways to challenge themselves, grow into better workers and humans, and make a bigger impact on their world. 

Millennials want to empower others & create change with their careers, and they’re notoriously more visionary, collaborative, personality and ethics-driven and–given the right tools–resilient, flexible & agile.

RLL 2017
However, research also says the majority of these new leaders don’t feel they’re getting the training they need to succeed in their roles–let alone lead others in theirs.

Despite the fact that 87% of millennials say professional growth and development is important in a job, 60% of Millennial leaders in the private sector report they feel unprepared to lead.

So here's the gist:

The next generation of leaders want to feel equipped to do their jobs.

They want to fulfill their responsibilities with a sense of pride.

They want to succeed and grow within their organizations.

The next generation of leaders want to become real leaders.


But the sad truth is that they aren’t getting the leadership training they need to do that.

No matter how smart, talented or “high potential” someone is, if they’re struggling to fulfill their daily duties–aka all potential obstacles and thousands of little & big decisions thrown their way daily–because they don’t have the training or support they need, they’re a flight risk.  

We all know Millennials get a bad rap as job hoppers. But the truth is, they’re not leaving for kicks (or even better benefits packages).

They’re leaving because they want to do better. And they aren’t finding what they need at most organizations to do that. 

Unfortunately, the cost of high employee turnover is staggering for the organizations these talented people leave behind.

Employee turnover costs the U.S. economy approximately $3.5 billion big ones each year.

Lack of leadership training isn’t something organizations can ignore anymore–and the stats prove it.

There is a silver lining, though...

Are you ready to invest in your talent?

New Dates for Real Leadership Live,
in Albuquerque, New Mexico, are coming soon!

High-quality leaders can be developed. 


And when that happens, everybody benefits.

When organizations have competent and confident leaders in place who also deeply care about their own & others’ successes, it leads to employees who care.

Which means organizations like yours will save money thanks to easier succession planning & promoting from within. Even better? You’ll make money, too.

(A recent Gallup study reports that workplaces that focus on engagement & employee development saw sales spike & profits double.)

Nope, the benefits of well-trained leaders don’t stop at the leaders themselves or their direct reports. 

When you put people first, everybody wins.

Introducing...Real Leadership Live

Real Leadership Live is an innovative, two day leadership building workshop just for high performing, high-potential talent and emerging leaders–held in sunny Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The Experience

This practical, progressive hands-on workshop is an in-person leadership workshop that dives deep into the core leadership skills that create stronger, better, more effective leaders. (I call it the Real Leadership methodology–more below.)

Fun, interactive and empowering for attendees, this workshop is designed to instill “the next generation” of leaders with the know-how they need to lead, manage & engage people and teams on the daily, as well as create larger charge within their organizations for the future.

Through individual reflection, simulations, and collaborative learning activities, participants will walk away with the tactical skills necessary to confidently deal with day-to-day challenges in their unique workplaces.

They’ll figure out who they are as leaders, how to define and execute a vision & how to create inclusive, positive, innovative and agile cultures within their organization.

They’ll feel more confident in their leadership abilities & have the skills to communicate and handle difficult situations far more effectively.

They’ll also have increased emotional intelligence, which helps both personally and professionally.

But this isn’t a pep talk or speech that will inspire for awhile, but likely fade over time. Real Leadership provides participants with proven, road-tested strategies, tools and systems for lasting change–for themselves and their companies.

It’s a transformative learning opportunity that will truly make a difference for the next generation of leaders, the teams they lead and the organizations they work for.

The next Real Leadership Live is coming soon!

New Dates TBD
in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Register now for this intensive 2-day workshop designed to help high-performing, high-potential talent & emerging leaders effectively deal with the challenges of leadership today & create culturally smart, inclusive workplaces for tomorrow.

Real Leadership Live participants will...

Identify their own leadership style, define their values & learn how to “live out” those values daily.

Develop effective communication skills to minimize conflict and help others feel heard, valued & empowered.

Learn methods and strategies for creating healthier and happier teams and organizations (as well as more easily gain their employees’ trust).

Gain a solid understanding of diversity and cultural competence to run a smart, inclusive organization.

Just imagine a new generation of leaders inside your company who know how to...

Problem solve + make decisions quickly & easily

Resolve conflicts

Implement policy and change

Coach and mentor their staff

Foster a positive and healthy culture

Get their team on the same page

Improve their own–& others’–performance and productivity

Effectively collaborate and work on a team

Create a sense of belonging, and safety and empowerment to innovate and experiment

Cultivate workplaces where people feel valued, engaged, and included for their ideas, contributions, and impact!


Thanks to the unique blend of expert coaching, peer mentorship & experiential learning they’ll receive at Real Leadership Live, it’s all possible.

About Tamara Thorpe, creator of Real Leadership


Tamara Thorpe is a leadership expert and world-renowned champion for talented Millennial & Gen Z professionals–aka the next great generation of leaders. With a dynamic and compassionate approach to leadership development, Tamara helps emerging leaders build their legacies by effectively dealing with day-to-day challenges of leadership, as well as focusing on the future by helping them learn to create culturally smart, inclusive workplaces (aka “woke” workplaces).

A firm believer that people matter most to an organization’s success, Tamara brings over 30+ years of on-the-ground experience with leading international and multicultural teams, as well as an extensive background in mentoring and leadership, identity development, diversity & inclusion and intergenerational issues to the table.

And what she brings to the table works. Just take a look.


Lexi Boese

Co-founder and Vice President

High Tide Marketing

“Real Leadership Live helped me connect with fellow Millennials and taught me how to grow my skills as a professional. I was able to surround myself with individuals who were equally as driven as I am and together we were able to help one another grow!”

Real Leadership Live

Nick Griffith


Clear Light Cedar

“Real Leadership Live has tremendous value for closing the gap between millennials and baby boomers in the workforce. As a millennial C-suite executive I utilized the mission statement work that we did in the workshop with my team for our newest venture."

Brandi Lewis

Dr. Brandi Lewis, D.D.S.


Community Dental Services

“Tamara makes [the Real Leadership Live experience] personal. Even though there were lots of people in the workshop, she was able to personalize the information for each of us.”

Invest in your talent now!

TBD | Albuquerque, New Mexico

Send your talent and team to Real Leadership Live, the leadership training that puts people first.

What's included in the LIVE workshop?

Real Leadership Live also includes:

A multi-disciplinary approach 2 days of intensive coaching, peer mentoring, and experiential learning on  core leadership competencies

The Real Leadership Workbook A complete guide with all of the materials, planning and goals sheets as well as key ideas from the workshop to practice and apply in the real world.

Certificate of Completion With complete attendance, participants will receive validation of their 12 hours of professional leadership development

6 months access to the Real Leadership Online Course After the workshop so participants can revisit the content and training again & again with this 100% DIY online program, a $495 value.

Free bites and caffeine A light breakfast is provided on both days, with coffee and snacks to get us through each day

Exclusive Access To the Private Real Leadership Facebook group with exclusive access to alumni, mentors and the Real Leadership community and network. This group provides ongoing support and resources to help one another grow in their leadership.

The Investment

Real Leadership Live isn’t “just another leadership workshop.” It’s a strategic, long-term investment organizations can make in their talent now that will pay off significantly over time.

Early Bird - Individual


Early Bird - Group 3+

$895 per person

Regular Price - Individual


Regular Price - Group 3+

$1100 per person

A note from Tamara

Here’s the deal: I get people. Especially people who feel uncertain about how to best lead in the workplace. 

Over the years &  while working intimately with Millennials and Gen Z in particular, I’ve seen incredible things unfold when you put people first. When you train–and treat–your people well, everything else will follow. 

The truth is, real leaders aren’t just “born that way.” They’re developed, over time and with the right tools and training.

And let’s be honest: It makes sense that training is required to lead well. Especially in today’s world.

There’s no denying leadership is difficult. Messy. And requires major intention, focus & self awareness.

Plus, in the modern workplace, it also requires having high levels of intercultural and cultural competence, so one has the ability to understand the complexity of differences and engage with others in a way that is both effective and appropriate.

Most of us aren’t born with those skills. We might have an innate “sense” of them, but we don’t necessarily know how to “live them out” in real life.

That’s where Real Leadership Live comes into play.

Tamara Thorpe
Real Leaderhip Coaching
RLL 2017
Real Leadership Live isn’t theory. It’s a pragmatic, actionable, experiential approach to leadership training.

Over the course of two powerful days, Real Leadership Live will provide the tools & resources to help young leaders build their legacy by doing the difficult (but necessary) work of day-to-day leadership (like office politics and gaining trust), while also giving them tools to handle the bigger picture stuff, like managing cultural differences, creating inclusive and safe workplaces and so much more.

Real Leadership goes deep and wide. Because those skills I just mentioned up there? They’re no longer nice-to-have. They’re required with a large capital R.

The workplace has changed.

And I believe it’s (high) time the way we trained our leaders changed, too.

Real Leadership Live

Charles White

Tech Consultant,

CWS Consulting

Real Leadership Live changed how I approach difficult situations..It is REAL leadership, across not only your professional life, but in every aspect of leading those around you. It's actionable skills, group discussions, thoughtful exercises, and the most motivated leaders gathering to sharpen their leadership capabilities. The best investment you could make to break through the next level of your personal development is with Tamara. Just be prepared to get real, be vulnerable, open up, share your story, and become the leader you always knew you could be."


Real Leadership Live

Adelle Lees

Executive Director

Global Ties ABQ

 "The best takeaway I had from Real Leadership Live was in developing diverse teams…I am much more aware of how necessary this is for the future undertakings."

Real Leadership Live Alumni

Megan Pauly

Marketing Specialist,

TLC Plumbing

“Tamara Thorpe’s Real Leadership Live training equipped me with the tools to be a successful leader. I learned much more about communication and I’ve already been able to put the lessons I’ve learned into practice. By understanding my personal style of communication in relation to those I’m conversing with, it has allowed me to adapt better and therefore communicate more effectively. Prior to the training, I thought I did a pretty good job of listening, but found I actually needed to be more engaged! Tamara is an energetic and knowledgeable speaker who keeps your attention. If you’re looking to improve any of your leadership skills, I’d definitely recommend taking one of her courses."

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Invest in your talent now!

TBD | Albuquerque, New Mexico

Send your talent and team to Real Leadership Live, the leadership training that puts people first.

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