Real Leadership... is LIVE to ​​​Teach You How to Lead with Heart, Right from the Start

Are you ready to learn to lead with heart, right from the start? 

​In just three days in sunny New Mexico–alongside other influential, innovative Millennial leaders–I’ll teach you the fundamental leadership skills you need to rock the C-suite or the startup scene.

Do you know what makes a great leader?  

If you’re not quite’re not alone.

Tell me: Any of this sound eerily familiar?

  • You’re a Millennial in a position of leadership who rose to the top quickly, but still feel like you don’t “belong”
  • You’re in charge of a team or team(s), but you’re not sure how to manage them, afraid to disagree with other members and don’t know how to deal with most of the day-to-day conflicts in the office in a smart, strategic way
  • You sometimes feel invisible and/or like people on your team just don’t care– maybe nobody answers emails or nobody comes to meetings or nobody does what they say they’re going to do
  • You constantly wonder when people are going to figure out you have no clue what you’re doing and send you packing


Listen:  It’s time to get out of your own way.

Here’s what’s up:

If you don’t feel like you really know how to lead or lead well, it’s not your fault.

Nobody out there is teaching leadership. Everybody assumes that people are either natural-born leaders–or not.

But the truth is: Leaders aren’t born at all; they’re developed. 

Leadership isn’t just a fun, fancy word to throw around to sound smart. It’s actually an exciting, robust field of study with best practices, research and proven strategies.

Which means leadership can be taught.

You can LEARN to be a leader (and a damn good one at that). 

And me? Well, that’s exactly what I teach.

​​​​​Hi, I'm Tamara Thorpe

​...the Millennials’ Mentor, a global executive coach and leadership trainer who helps young-ish go-getters become influential, innovative leaders–whether they’re sitting in the C-suite (or close to it) or at the helm of a hot startup.

I’m not a Millennial, but I also don’t believe the lies the media spreads about you, either.

I understand the unique challenges that your generation faces–and I know the potential, promise and ambition that’s unique to Millennials. (In fact, I’ve seen it firsthand in tons of my clients.)

I get that Millennials like you are telling people what you need and want in the workforce–and yet nobody is listening. 

Well, I am.

And that’s exactly why I’ve created a LIVE in-person, multi-day workshop just for Millennial leaders ready to learn how to lead with heart, right from the start (or wherever you are now).

Think about it. How incredible would it be to have actual skills and tools to:

​​Lead with vision and focus

Manage your team and get everyone on the same page (even and especially when Susie and Johnny can’t stop disagreeing...and telling you ALL about it)

​Communicate in difficult situations

Communicate in ways that build a more productive team, including conflict resolution and self-reflection skills

​Tackle the daily hurdles

Handle the various day-to-day hurdles you encounter in leadership roles, from that employee who just won’t show up on time to dealing with yet another unproductive meeting

​Create an inclusive workforce

Gain a solid understanding of diversity and cultural competence so you can run a smart, inclusive organization

​Lead with ​clarity and competence

Identify and define your own approach to leadership (yes–this is a real thing, and you have one whether you know it or not!)

​Build strong relationships

Create trust and transparency among your team (finally)

YES, it IS possible.

YES, there IS a better, easier way to lead.

And YES, it all comes down to learning how.

Ready to lead with heart, right from the start?

​Introducing Real Leadership Live
May 2-4, 2019!

Three days of learning, skill-building and networking in sunny New Mexico just for influential and innovative Millennial leaders who want to lead with heart, right from the start.

What is it?

Real Leadership Live is a 3-day workshop designed to teach you everything you need to know to lead and lead well (or, become a radically effective leader, as I like to say)–but it’s so much more than that.

Over the course of three transformational days, you’ll listen, learn and practice leadership skills you need to develop the confidence and competence to lead the way you want to lead. Through individual reflection, simulations, and collaborative learning activities that allow you to learn from both a trusted expert and your peers, you’ll figure out who YOU are as a leader, set some serious leadership (or leaderpreneur) goals and learn the exact tangible and tactical skills you need to deal with the day-to-day challenges leaders face in the workplace.

Fun, interactive and empowering, this practical and hands-on workshop will gives you the tools and support you need to develop into the very best leader you can be, straight from somebody who’s been there, done that...and helped tons of other Millennials do it, too.

And by the end of this engaging experience? You’ll walk away with your “mind blown” (actual words from a past participant) and ALL the powerful and applicable tools and strategies you need to lead with confidence and competence and create cultures within your organization that are hard-working, innovative, agile and inclusive.

And you’ll do it all in a safe space, surrounded by other Millennials and emerging leaders, that isn’t a total snoozefest or the usual Millennial bashing marathon.

Throughout Real Leadership, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • ​Gain clarity on your unique approach to leadership. What are your unique values? How do you want to run your organization?- Gain a better understanding of your leadership goals and communication style.- Learn methods and strategies for gaining buy-in and increasing your credibility.
  • Develop communication skills that will help you be a more effective leader, coach, and mentor, so you can minimize conflict, make everyone feel heard and valued and empowered- Understand how to use evaluation processes to set goals, craft strategic plans, and make a lasting impact on your team and organization!
  • ​Get individualized feedback on your unique situation and challenges. (Thanks to Tamara’s ability to zoom in and tailor topics to each individual,  you’ll learn how to deal with the exact situations you encounter as a leader every single day)
  • ​Network, mix and mingle with other emerging Millennial leaders and learn from their experiences, too

And for Millennial entrepreneurs ready to transition to leaderpreneur, we didn’t forget about you.

This workshop will also prepare you to take on the demanding challenges of leading an organization through growth and change. (Because it’s not enough to know your product and start up lean, you have to be equipped to lead your business to the next phase to succeed as an entrepreneur.)

What alumni have to say about Real Leadership Live and Tamara Thorpe ​:

​An experienced coach like Tamara was invaluable...

“Having an experienced coach like Tamara was invaluable in helping us become the leaders we want to be.”

Megan Bodenheimer  //  Marketing Coordinator at TLC Plumbing & Utility and Vice President of the Young Professionals of Albuquerque

​Tamara makes it personal...

“Tamara makes [the Real Leadership Live experience] personal. Even though there were lots of people in the workshop, she was able to personalize the information for each of us.”

Dr. Brandi Lewis, DDS  // ​Orthodontist at Community Dental Services

​We were able to help one another grow...

“Real Leadership Live helped me connect with fellow Millennials and taught me how to grow my skills as a professional. I was able to surround myself with individuals who were equally as driven as I am and together we were able to help one another grow!”

​Lexi Palmer  // CEO of Equisec

​Fun, interactive and empowering...

“Real Leadership Live was fun, interactive, and empowering.”

Amanda Ochoa  //  ​Owner Old Town Tire and Automotive

When all’s said and done, you’ll have the skills to:

: Rise to the top quickly–and feel confident once you get there

: Be a confident and competent leader who isn’t just “making it up as they go”

: Empower others to lead, through mentoring, coaching, and training

: Feel totally in control and highly-prepared to take on the unique day-to-day struggles, issues and challenges in your individual workplace


You’ll leave Real Leadership reassured of your own capabilities and challenging yourself to hit the goals​ you really want to hit. (No more lowering that target, you hear?)

​What's included?






​continental BREAKFAST & Coffee breaks EACH DAY 







The Real Leadership Workbook (printed and PDF) filled with planning and goals sheets as well as key ideas from the workshop that you can use to practice and apply what you’ve learned long after it’s over.


Certificate of Completion for 18 hours of leadership development (so you get the credit your deserve) and get professional development credits from your employer (or just a source of pride to add to your portfolio).


​FREE one year subscription to Real Leadership Online! ​It is ​100% DIY training ​that will give you the tools and support you need to develop into the very best leader you can be. It includes the same 5 Modules as the Live event in 6 recorded sessions with 12 downloadable exercises and team activities, It is a value of $495, and you get access to the online course for one year at no additional cost.​​

Exactly What You'll Learn

During Real Leadership Live, we’ll explore the essential FIVE steps to Real Leadership that will teach you skills that people with 10x your experience might never learn, including:

​Step One

​Step Two

​Step Three

​Step Four

​Step Five

Plus, as we move through each step

Oh, And There’s More! You’ll Also Learn: 

: The tool you need to avoid the number one mistake new leaders make on day one

: The #1 strategy for establishing your credibility and inspiring others to follow your lead

: A process to craft a shared vision with your team that will change your business for the better, for good

: A clear plan to implement your vision, and foster growth and development within your team

: A path to understanding difference to lead multi-cultural and multi-generational teams

: The most powerful tool for improving communication and reducing conflict

: A simple step-by-step process to understand change and transition so your team can effectively and appropriately respond to change

Need some help with ​this investment? How to Ask the Even Higher Ups to Pay

​the location  //  Albuquerque, NM

Because Real Leadership Live isn’t “just another leadership workshop,” we couldn’t hold it “just anywhere.” RLL is an immersive experience that provides you with the opportunity to work with a trusted global leadership expert  and other emerging Millennial leaders to develop your leadership brilliance in beautiful, culture-rich Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Albuquerque isn’t just New Mexico’s largest city; it’s a deep, fascinating, culture-rich locale nestled in the high desert that will serve as the perfect backdrop to your personal and professional growth (and you can even squeeze in a few adventures in your off-time, too!)

Here are a few thrilling things to do and experience while in Albuquerque: 

  • ​Hop in a car and go on a quick (but scenic) 45 minutes drive to Meow Wolf, the world-renowned immersive art experience
  • ​Take in a gorgeous view of the entire city, including historic adobe buildings, from Sandia Peak and the Aerial Tramway
  • ​Soak in the hot springs of Truth or Consequences (TorC), Jemez Pueblo, or Espanolas Ojo Caliente.
  • ​Enjoy the rich Native American culture at the Acoma Pueblo or Indian Pueblo Cultural Center or shop for Native American handicrafts
  • ​Channel Walter White on the Breaking Bad RV Tour (Yes, really!)


Real Leadership Live 2019 will be at the Sundowner Albuquerque, ​which was home to Microsoft visionaries Bill Gates and Paul Allen in the mid-1970s, has been transformed into 71 efficiencies, ​apartments, commercial space, a historic Microsoft display window, computer training center and community garden​. The Sundowner has reached the highest level of energy efficiency, LEED Platinum​. The Sundowner was built in 1960 on what was then Route 66, now the heart of Historic Nob Hill on Central Avenue. ​Nob Hill is a vibrant district with eclectic shops, swanky dining and chic nightspots. ​Located just east of the University of New Mexico, Nob Hill spans a mile-long stretch of Central Avenue and is marked on either end by neon arches. This lively district is bursting with activity, from food to arts to nightlife and student life.

You truly don’t want to miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance to learn real leadership skills (pun intended) in one of the most gorgeous, culture-rich locations in the country, from one of the world’s most trusted Millennial leadership mentors (and alongside other Millennials who get that the struggle to lead is real!)

​The Schedule Breakdown

​Real Leadership Live is highly interactive and experiential workshop (some say its fun too) ​ and we will explore the essential FIVE steps to Real Leadership. This is how we'll do it:


May 02

Identify and Imagine :: Evening Session ​

By the end of Day One, you will know how to:

  • ​Define your own leadership goals, values and foundation, so you can lead from a place of strength (and be transparent and consistent with your team)
  • Manage effective relationships to build and drive successful teams.
  • Make consistent decisions as a leader, which will increase trust with yourself and your team and establish your credibility inside and outside your organization


May 03

​Inspire :: Full Day

By the end of Day Two, you will know how to:

  • ​Get your team on the same page, increase productivity and reduce conflict and confusion
  • Communicate in even the most difficult situations and resolve conflicts that pop up on  your team quickly
  • Be  an inclusive leader–and exactly how to manage and lead people who are different from you (including those older than you)
  • Use the power of listening to build relationships, resolve conflicts, and create change

Optional Evening Activity: Mentors Night Out

You are invited to attend a fun and engaging ​evening with ​food, drinks and ​exceptional seasoned professionals from across industries who will be there to ​mentor you. It will be a time to connect with the other ​participants, facilitators, and some of New Mexico's most successful professionals and entrepreneurs to share ideas, network, and build new business relationships (cost not included in registration).


May 04

Innovate and Impact :: Full Day

By the end of Day Three, you will know how to:

  • ​Get others in your team/organization to buy-into and implement new ideas
  • Lead an agile team that’s responsive (instead of resistant) to change.
  • Mentor others in a way that inspires, motivates, and facilitates the growth and development of your entire team.
  • Accurately evaluate yourself and others so that everyone is able to learn, develop, and succeed.

The Investment!

$695 General Registration

​​Registration secures your spot in Real Leadership Live and includes the: 

  • Kick Off session
  • 2 full days of training
  • All training materials (printed and digital)
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Light breakfasts and coffee breaks on training days
  • ​Mentoring by some of Albuquerque's most influential leaders, and
  • ONE YEAR subscription to Real Leadership Online. 

​Groups of 3+

​Take advantage of the GROUP PROMOTION and ​​SAVE ​when you register with 3 or MORE people! Each will save $100 on the General Registration.

NOTE: Flight, accommodations, the optional evening ​mentoring event, and other meals are NOT included.

It’s a small-but-smart investment to help you get it right from the start.


Secure Checkout

Listen: More than 50% of 20, 30 and early 40-something professionals in the workforce are in positions of leadership (just like you)...

...And yet 60% of Millennial leaders in the private sector say they feel unprepared to lead.

Not on my watch. Oh heck no.

You don’t have to lead like you’ve been led, go against your values or try to piece together how to do this “leadership thing” on your own based on the “training crumbs” provided by your organization or other leadership trainings.

You can consciously choose the kind of leader you want to be, based on who you are and what you care about, all while simultaneously empowering, inspiring and motivating everyone around you. 

Real Leadership LIVE will give you the skills, tools and strategies you need to do just that.

Just imagine having a whole new toolbox for leading your teams, empowering others, communicating with (oodles of) confidence, diffusing conflict, making swift decisions, and continuing to develop into a firm-but-flexible leader who leads with heart, right from the start.

That’s Real Leadership.

More Love for Real Leadership Live

​It’s not just about holding a leadership position, but how to be a leader in the workplace

“I learned a lot from the other people in the workshop because they had different experiences, I was the youngest person in the room so it was a good learning experience to learn from people who have been in industries a bit longer than I have.

Tamara did a great job of accepting everyone’s ideas and starting with where we all are and learning about us and our situations personally and how we can apply the learning specifically for our situations.

It’s not just about holding a leadership position, but how to be a leader in the workplace and to other people and how to apply leadership skills to be recognized as a leader.”

Amanda Getchell  //  Communications and Project Manager at Lavu, Inc.

​Tremendous value for closing the gap between Millennials and baby boomers in the workforce 

“Real Leadership Live has tremendous value for closing the gap between Millennials and baby boomers in the workforce. As a Millennial C-suite executive, I utilized the mission statement work that we did in the workshop with my team for our newest venture. We also utilized personal strengths and weaknesses to determine who would be best suited to fill different needs in our team.  Finally, conflict resolution in the workplace is another skill that I was able to enhance in this workshop to deal with situations as they arise.” 

Nick Griffith  //  Vice President and COO in skincare

​Real Leadership Live equipped me with the tools to be a successful leader

“Tamara Thorpe’s Real Leadership Live training equipped me with the tools to be a successful leader. I learned much more about communication and I’ve already been able to put the lessons I’ve learned into practice. By understanding my personal style of communication in relation to those I’m conversing with, it has allowed me to adapt better and therefore communicate more effectively. Prior to the training, I thought I did a pretty good job of listening, but found I actually needed to be more engaged!

Tamara is an energetic and knowledgeable speaker who keeps your attention. If you’re looking to improve any of your leadership skills, I’d definitely recommend taking one of her courses. 

Megan Bodenheimer //  Marketing Coordinator at TLC Plumbing & Utility and Vice President of the Young Professionals of Albuquerque

Meet Lead ​Trainer, Tamara Thorpe

T​​amara Thorpe is the Millennials’ Mentor and a world-renowned champion for the next great generation of leaders. With a dynamic and compassionate approach to leadership and training that’s totally infectious, Tamara is dedicated to creating leadership training programs to match the passion and ambition of Millennials and making a difference in the lives of young leaders and entrepreneurs across the globe. A firm believer that Millennials shouldn’t have to settle for  “training crumbs” offered by their organization, Tamara created Real Leadership Live to fill a much-needed gap for leadership training specifically for Millennials and provide a hands-on, individualized learning experience to help all emerging Millennial leaders realize their untapped potential.

Meet Co-facilitator, ​Celestina Garcia

​​Celestina ​is​ a mother, facilitator, educator, and Ontologial coach and entrepreneur. She is a native New Mexican with a passion for envisioning and collaborating with others to build a legacy of achievement in communities. A graduate of the University of New Mexico and Claremont Graduate University, Celestina brings years of leadership learning, global travel experiences and classroom teaching experiences to partnerships of success building. "We create our life and say yes to what each day looks like, this gives us all the power to breathe life into our dreams and BE the greatness we are each here to be. My passion is to support people to achieve their goals and contribute their purpose to elevate this world."

Meet Your Mentors

Sonja Dewing's business, Plot Duckies, gets writers through blocks and get to the point of publishing. Her specialty is social media marketing and startup planning. She successfully launched a crowdfunding/presale campaign with Publishizer that netted her a publisher for her first novel, Toy of the Gods. She successfully used Facebook to fill her first Plot Duckies event, the Short Storyathon. And she's grown her clients, like FatPipe ABQ and Albuquerque Roller Derby to large fanbases.​​​​

​Sonja Dewing

​​Freelance Writer, Published Author, ​CEO of Plot Duckies

Mariah’s background is in program management and nonprofit support and has a passion for connecting people to their purpose.  She works in community development via the creation of public/social-profit partnerships and facilitating volunteer initiatives. Mariah is a Co-Coordinator of the nonprofit speaker series Impact & Coffee, a member of the Albuquerque Mayor’s Advisory Board “Abq Volunteers”, on the board of the Future Fund, and founder of the social justice fundraiser #BurqueResists. ​

​Mariah Harrison

​Community Partnerships Coordinator, UNM Office of Community Engaged Learning & Research

Megan is a freelance journalist​and has been a journalist for 20 years, mostly in print.  As a business reporter and editor at the San Antonio Business Journal, New Orleans CityBusiness and the New Mexico Business Weekly, she covered numerous beats, including real estate, economic development, law, education,  tourism, the creative economy, philanthropy and the film/media industries. She is also a radio producer, working in television and radio. ​She hosts Morning Edition at KUNM in Albuquerque where ​she also creates newscasts and does interviews for the show “Women’s Focus” and hosts a global music show. She also works as a correspondent for KNME/ New Mexico PBS​. Megan is the former president of the Journalism & Women Symposium and ​her talk on women and the media for TEDxABQ in 2011 is now on the national site.

​Megan Kamerick

​​Journalist and ​Independent Producer

Trish has worked professionally with everyone from Hollywood executives to political leaders. A powerful communicator and global traveler, she returned to her home state of New Mexico as a new mom in 2015, and was inspired to create Teeniors after seeing her own mom struggle to adapt to the digital world. In just over 3 years, Teeniors™ has won multiple awards, worked with over 1,000 clients in Albuquerque alone, and employed dozens of teens and 20-somethings with part-time work. Born and raised in New Mexico with a B.A. in Communication and Criminology, Lopez's primary interest is bringing people together from different worlds to inspire change in our communities.​​​​

​Trish Lopez

Founder and ​CEO, Teeniors

Tsiporah ​is the Founder and Executive Director of New Mexico Thrives, New Mexico's state nonprofit association. ​She left her position with the Center for Nonprofit Excellence, because she felt that New Mexico nonprofits needed a voice. The work of New Mexico Thrives challenges the assumptions of funders and decision makers that do more to maintain the status quo than to make substantive change.​

​Tsiporah Nephesh

​Founder and Executive Director, New Mexico Thrives

Miriam Ortiz y Pino ​works with entrepreneurs and other busy and creative people to eliminate the distractions, simplify systems and create routines so they can do their best work and live a fuller life. The More than Organized Blog was recognized as one of the top 5 Simplicity Blogs, one of the top 100 productivity blogs, and one of the top 20 home office organizers. Miriam holds certificates in Workplace Productivity, Residential Organizing, Courageous Coaching Method, Fire Starter Session Facilitator and Sacred Money Archetypes Coaching.

​Miriam Ortiz y Pino

​Certified Professional Organizer, Simplicity Expert & Coach, Entrepreneur, Writer, Blogger and Creator of The Streamlined System

Van Overton is the  Executive Director of SpreadLoveABQ (an organization committed to supporting children and strengthening communities), and is the co-founder of Duke City Dream Lab. He is a former four-year member of the New Mexico PTA Board of Directors and an active volunteer in Albuquerque schools​. Van is also the 2016 recipient of the City of Albuquerque’s Volunteer of the Year and the State of New Mexico’s Champion of Volunteerism. Having spent the last 8 years volunteering in schools and with youth advocacy organizations, ​and has seen firsthand how important the emotional and social aspects of a child’s life can shape their academic success or failure.

​Van Overton, Jr.

Executive Director, Volunteer, Community Activist

​Keith Allen West is an Actor and Entrepreneur known for his energetic presentations on branding, marketing and extreme career growth strategies. He applies his wildly successful entrepreneur skills to acting as a business. Since 2014 he has reached the Inc. 500/5000 list with two of his cosmetics companies by growing revenue over 1,000%. Urban Fresh Cosmetics sales ballooned from $200,000 to $5.1 million in just three years. He consults with other quality brands to grow their sales with his trusted M.B.A. methods.

​Keith West

Brand Expert, CEO,

Clear Light Cedar & Wild West Skincare

Giovanna is a results strategist and the President/CEO of Collective Action Strategies, LLC, a consulting firm dedicated to improving the health and lives of women and families through policy and leadership development. Giovanna holds a Master of Science degree in Public Policy from the London School of Economics, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish and Latin American Studies from the University of New Mexico. Giovanna was the first ever women's health policy advisor for the state of New Mexico and was a women's studies adjunct professor at the U​NM. ​ She is the founder of Well Woman Life™, which supports women to achieve their highest level of fulfillment and well-being and founder of the Family Friendly Business Award™. Giovanna is host of The Well Woman show on NPR One, a regular panelist on New Mexico PBS In Focus, contributor on and a 2018 Women of Influence honoree.

​Giovanna Rossi

​President, Collective Action Strategies, LLC




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And while nobody turns into a rock star leader overnight......we can get pretty close in three days.

Let me show you the way.

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