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Live ​Chat: How to combat ageism in the workplace

It seems like Millennials can’t do anything right. Your generation is responsible for the end of Applebee’s and paper napkins. We are all doomed!


Your generation is the most researched generation of all time and despite the abundance of data on your ambition and talents, organizations are still blinded by ageist views. So not only do you have to listen (again) to your bosses talking about how an entire generation is entitled and lazy, but you know you are also missing out on opportunities to excel in your career and show them what you are​ made of.

In this ​chat, we will cover:

  • Exactly how your generation is similar and different from others
  • The impact of our differences in the workplace
  • Strategies to bridge your differences and build on your similarities

And there will be a live Q&A to get answers to your real problems in real time.

Webinar Date:

​January 24, 2018

Webinar Time:

11:00 am ( ​PST Los Angeles )

​Chat Host:

The Millennials Mentor

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